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My journey wasn't all rainbows and sunshine as I became fixated on the weight scale, developing obsessive food behaviour, under-eating during the week and over-eating when dining out.


Long-term yoyo dieting and trying to navigate through everyday life cutting myself off from having a social life. By educating myself, I learned how to achieve balance, healthy habits and behaviours that I now take with me for life and to have the best of both worlds. 

Calories By Callan

I obtained the knowledge and experience whilst also educating myself over the years through this life-changing health and fitness journey.


I solidified my education in nutrition by becoming an Accredited sports nutritionist through SNA (Sports Nutrition Australia). It's always been second nature to me to help others, so providing nutrition & training advice, guidance and recommendation for years give me so much fulfilment. In doing so I have helped people from all walks of life achieve the best version of themselves and improve their quality of life, so they can get more out of it. 

My Mother, Brother and I have unique genetic dysplasia, we are of short stature, and my height is 140cm(4 '6) although, unlike other genetic conditions, our limbs are in proportion with the rest of our body.

Our soft connective tissue throughout our body is 5 times as dense as the average person, this also correlates with having restricted mobility in our joints and tendons, which make us prone to tightening up and can become stiff through functionality and mobility. 

I train and keep my body fully functioning to compensate for these problems. Our combination of symptoms makes us unique to be the only people to have ever had this new syndrome in existence.


Our specialists made note that we have a very natural muscular build,  so I worked with my strengths and made the most of it. 

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Let my journey be a testament and an example to you that if you have self-doubt and don't believe in yourself, you can achieve your goals and create the life you've always wanted.
Let me help you get there. 
If I can do it, so can you, what is your excuse? 

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